3rd Nine Weeks Pastor's Honor Roll


Ashlyn D. is a K4C student. For the third quarter Ashlyn has received marks for being proficient in phonological awareness blending and sounds as well as in number operations rote counting and recognizing numerals. She will receive her third-year ballet and tap dance trophy this upcoming May and has completed and received certificates for two WunderKeys books at B Major Piano Studio.

ADE Seth F. is a 5th Grade student and completed finished his 3rd nine weeks making all As and Bs! ADE participated in his last 5th grade chorus performance with a solo... "STAND BY ME", by Ben E. King. ADE's nonprofit organization, Dragonfly Outreach teamed up with Butterfly Outreach in having a 2019 It's Slime time event... He set out to have 40 participants and ended up having over 100 butterflies and dragonflies combined at the Pelham Road Library.  ADE and his mom created a new T-shirt style for this Spring for #Gentleman and #Ladylike in which all proceeds go towards their organization .ADE started playing AAU basketball for Upstate Redhawks Youth league after being injured for over a year. God is amazing and he is back and ready!

Jada H. is an elementary school student. Jada was selected for the Terrific Kid award this past nine weeks and has INCREASED her reading from 10 words a minute to 66 words a minute. Her scholarly confidence is at an all time high and teachers are sending letters home each week documenting her remarkable progress.

Milawn J. is a Kindergarten student. She is consistently meeting Reading, Writing and Langauge and Communication, Social Studies and Mathematics Standards. Milawn has also exceeded Social Learner standards such as showing an eagerness to learn, demonstrating organizational skills and following multistep directions.

Ka’Myrah M. is an elementary school student. Ka’Myrah made the A/B Honor Roll for this reporting period and has received the status of quality achievement in Art class. Her teachers indicate she is an excellent student.

Laquatis M. is an elementary school student. Laquatis is consistently meeting and exceeding standards for decoding grade level words and reads with sufficient accuracy/fluency to support comprehension. He is also printing in upper- and lower-case letters and participates in collaborative conversations. In Math, he can count by 1’s and 10’s to 100. In social skills, he shows an eagerness to learn and works well in a variety of settings.

Peyton R. is a 4th grade Student in the Gifted and Talented class. Peyton received All A’s and B’s for the third nine weeks. He received an honor roll ribbon, Hardees recognition and a certificate. He also received a Citizenship Award for displaying dependability.

Hazel T. is a 3rd grade student. She received A’s and B’s in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Reading. She had perfect attendance this nine weeks and her teachers noted she is a pleasure to have in class. Hazel also completed participation in the Good News Club where she was presented a bible. She has also joined the Engineering Club at school. During the month of March, she participated in Katrina Michelle’s Butterfly Outreach Slime Time 2019 and received a medal.



Soheila Grace F. is a 7th Grader. She made the Principal's Honor Roll with all A’s. Soheila finished out her basketball season with where she was recognized by the Greenville County School District as the Middle School All-Star for her school and was given a medal at the Hall of Fame High School All Star Game. She was on her school’s Black History and soccer teams. This is her is her 10th year playing soccer, a sport she enjoys. She also serves as student council representative at school and is a part of the academic excellence BETA club and Future Business Leaders of America. In the area of community service, Soheila continues to volunteer for both Butterfly and Dragonfly Outreach

Tamaja G. is a 6th grade student. He received A’s in Academic Literacy and Band and plays in the Brass section. He increased his Math and Academic Literacy grades by 5 points each from the last quarter.

Jahayla H. is an 8th grade student. Jahayla has received all A’s and B’s for the third nine weeks and is taking two honors classes. Her teachers comment that she is a pleasure to have in class, a joy to teach and is an excellent student. Jahayla competed in the Greenville County Track Competition and placed 3rd overall in the 400 meter run.

Brian W. is an 8th grade student. Brian has received all A’s and B’s for the first three quarters of this school year. Even as an honor roll student, Brian continues to strive for excellence and has increased his Spanish, Science, Math, Social Studies and English grades from the 2nd quarter. He has perfect attendance for the school year.


Bryce J. is a 9th grade student. For the 3rd nine weeks, he received 5 A’s and 2 B’s. He is taking all Honors and College Prep classes. As a student athlete, he has maintained high grades for the entire school year!


Students of “THE 9-1-1”, we are proud of your Success!